• trade mark restyling
  • style forming package design and forty package in series

GURMINA (Belarus) 2019

New packaging design of gurmina spices.

Created by us trademark and a series of packages "Gurmina" is familiar to buyers for more than 10 years. In 2019, in connection with the launch of its own production in the Republic of Belarus, the customer decided to carry out a large-scale redesign of the entire brand. The project was allocated a lot of time – it made it thorough and detailed. Increasing the size of the packs, improving the material and printing technology allowed to place larger images and made the packaging more informative.

The main task was to create an up-to-date design that helps customers easily read the necessary information and make their choice.

An interesting visual solution was the emphasis on the objects of the first plan. Thanks to selective application of paint on an aluminum surface without a white substrate and with selective matte coating, Cutlery acquired the effect of realism. Due to this, the desired diversity appeared and the products lying on the fork, spoon and metal spatula stood out, became optically closer. The glitter from the refraction of light on the package made it even more attractive.

Natural product of high quality, presented in a wide range, with the help of signal colors is visually divided into five groups: confectionery additives, herbs, peppers, spices and seasonings.

The updated packaging has retained the overall style and continuity, while becoming more noticeable, brighter and more appetizing. The new and expressive design fully meets the expectations of the target audience, which is confirmed by the results of thorough testing and, most importantly, actively increasing sales volumes.

  • rolled packaging, printed using the technology high-lineature print HD Flexo, which allows to achieve the most realistic, clear and detailed images
  • Multicolor advanced color gamut technology, using standard CMYK colors in combination with Pantone bright colors, provided enhanced colorfulness and saturation of images
  • selective matte varnish creates an image of an attractive product and a pleasant tactile effect, increasing the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumer
  • the presence of a combination of foil materials protects the product from negative environmental factors, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the product