• trade mark redesign
  • creating illustrations
  • style forming package design and forty package in series

GURMINA (Belarus)

The product line of the brand "Samy Smak" consists of forty different spices and seasonings, which are visually divided into five main groups: "seasonings for...", "greens", "peppers", "spices" and "confectionery additives". In order to stand out among similar competitive products, the customer decided to make the design a little humor. According to his idea, all the illustrations were to resemble the outlines of a ceramic pot with handles. With some kinds of spices it was not easy to do, but we tried:-)

  • rolled packaging, printed using the technology high-lineature print HD Flexo, which allows to achieve the most realistic, clear and detailed images
  • Multicolor advanced color gamut technology, using standard CMYK colors in combination with Pantone bright colors, provided enhanced colorfulness and saturation of images
  • selective matte varnish creates an image of an attractive product and a pleasant tactile effect, increasing the value of the brand in the eyes of the consumer
  • the presence of a combination of foil materials protects the product from negative environmental factors, thereby prolonging the shelf life of the product
  • «FlexoTech International Print & Innovations Awards» 2018
  • «Flexo Print on Film – Medium Web» 2018
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